Chicagoland Residents Should expect a ComEd Rate Increase


ComEd, the utility serving the Chicagoland area, filed for a $275 million increase to fund smart grid expansion. If approved by Illinois, this request would go into effect in January of 2015, and add $3.00 to resident’s monthly bills.

This ComEd rate increase is the second since 2012, and will mean that Illinois residents will be paying $8.5o per month more in 2015 than previously in 2012 for their distribution charges.


In 2011, Illinois passed The Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act to upgrade the grid, which could prevent extended outages and help residents understand their electricity usage in greater detail. One of the uses is to upgrade several towns to smart meters. This includes towns in the Western Suburbs of Chicago like Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Warrenville, Lombard and Oak Brook.

ComEd anticipates to install all towns with smart meters by 2022.

What Can Be Done?

There are two parts to ComEd electricity bills, distribution charges and generation charges. The distribution charges go to ComEd, the utility who maintains the meters, poles, wires and substations. They’re the folks in charge of getting electricity into Illinois homes.

The second part of the bill is the generation part. This part is where Illinois residents pay for the electricity they use. This is the part of the bill where residents have the option of switching suppliers and paying lower rates.

While you cannot avoid paying the additional surcharge, you can save money by selecting a lower Illinois electricity rate. There are reputable suppliers in Illinois who have plans that help take the edge off this new ComEd rate increase. Visit to see the plans available in your area today!

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